Nitrogen Generation

  • high capacity Nitrogen Generator
  • High capacity generator with membrane technology
  • small capacity Nitrogen Generator (wall mounted)
  • small capacity nitrogen generator (wall mounted)

Nitrogen Generation

Making use of the unique properties of the Parker membrane technology, we are offering our Nitrogen Generator that separates the Nitrogen gas from the other gases in the air and use the Nitrogen gas in applications, while the rest-gases are flushed back in the environment.

This way we can make Nitrogen gas anywhere and anytime we need it, by just applying compressed air to the inlet of our Nitrogen Generator. No more supply in pressurized bottles is necessary and as long as you have compressed air, you also have Nitrogen gas. All systems come ‘ready to run’ with all necessary air filters and Oxygen analyzer that on-line measures the rest-oxygen in the Nitrogen gasflow. The controls are centralized on the control panel. The working principle is based on membrane technology, where the Nitrogen (N2) is separated from all the other gases in compressed air.

The system is connected in the compressed air-line. Compressed air goes in and compressed nitrogen that comes out at the other end is available for further use, for instance:

– for aeration gas in a continuous aeration system (see enclosed article)

– for blanketing of fruits, concentrates, liquid oils, paints, etc. in storage tanks (to prevent oxidation).

– for gaspacking/filling of many food products (such as wheypowders, milkpowders, fruitpulps, bakery products, nuts, coffee, potato chips, snacks, fresh vegetables, meat- and fish-products, etc).

– for storage of fresh fruit for longer periods of time to control the ripening process (such as storage of apples, pears, etc but also shipment conditions). Controlled atmosphere (CA) packing.

– purging of tanks, piping, etc.

– in the chemical and petro-chemical industry to prevent Oxygen get close to hazardous areas. – Protection gas with welding and soldering applications. – Semi-conductor industry.

– Everywhere where oxygen in the air is a potential danger for oxidation, explosion, spoilage, etc. (also in the rubber and other chemical industry)